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The »Music on the Move« project aims to examine cultural versatility in a group of 36 young participants from Greece, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom, connecting them through cooperative musical creation. The exchange will take place by river Kolpa in Bela krajina, between 22 August and 30 August 2016.

In the course of the project, the participants will gain skills in the fields of composition, writing lyrics, vocal technique, choir singing and harmonizing, and performance. They will also be introduced to supporting musical activities – organisation, promotion, direction, and technical support. We will complement musical and performing content by adding content aimed at contributing to a more tolerant and inclusive society, and positive perception of migration and migrants.

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The participants will be selected primarily for their affinity for music and/or interest in the issues of migration. In depth musical knowledge is not a requirement. The selection process will take into account an equal distribution of genders and give priority to youth with limited opportunities. Since the theme of the programme and level of its difficulty require a certain level of maturity the desired age of participants is between 18 and 30.

The exchange will include social exercises and performances intended to assist the participants in getting to know each other and each other’s cultural backgrounds. The participants will also learn about cultural diversity of Slovenia and Bela krajina. To this we will organise a sight-seeing trip of Bela krajina and cultural evenings featuring local cultural creators. On the final evening of the exchange a public performance will take place, where the participants will present their acquired skills in the course of a concert. The whole exchange, including the final performance will be filmed and used to produce a presentational video, showing the course and results of our time together.

The »Music on the Move« project builds on the successful Erasmus+ project »Rhythm of Youth«, which thrilled its participants in 2015; it was also recognised as the example of good practice by the Erasmus+ National Agency.

PROJECT DURATION: 1.6. – 30.9. 2016
PROJECT PARTNERS: ADIS (Romania), AIM-Agenzia Intercultura e mobilità (Italy), The Inside Out Programme (United Kingdom), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Urbana mladež (Croatia), Zavod APIS (Slovenia)

Musical Programme Manager: Jaka Jarc, jaka@zavodapis.si
Project Manager: Nataša Kotarnatasa@zavodapis.si

The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.

Images: APIS Institute, Rhythm of Youth, 2015