A team of creatives composed of writer Jeff Bickert, architect Blaž Budja, documentary photographer Mance Juvan and graphic designer Sava Kosmač, just completed the Samosvoja Trubarjeva (Unique Trubarjeva) project in December 2019.

The authors are intertwining various artistic practices: photography, typography, graphic design, architecture, and artistic text to document the life of Ljubljana’s most unique street where local initiatives, family businesses, world cuisine, artistic, activistic initiatives, and multicultural social businesses coexist in a vibrant equilibrium with graffiti, various street art approaches, and lively squat area. 

They have explored Trubarjeva Street in order to highlight what is special, at times unique about the street and the life lived and given rise to here; and more significantly, what is in the light of the current refurbishment, merits the “handle with care” imperative.

They collected their views in an art book entitled Trubarjeva, Expressions of a Street in Transition which is available on site in digital form, and which, as a fine physical book can be ordered and sent to you anywhere in the world.

If you find yourself strolling down the most special of streets in Ljubljana, pay attention to the visual interventions that are part of the project. Outside on the street are Manca Juvan‘s powerful yet intimate portraits of people from Trubarjeva, while inside various shops, restaurants and services are Trubarjeva-themed posters designed by Sava Kosmač. And they’re all dressed with QR codes that will take you to the dedicated website.


 The project has been co-financed by the City of Ljubljana.