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Youth Reflecting "European Dream" Youth Exchange

Youth Reflecting “European Dream” Youth Exchange

Participants from Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Netherlands and Northern Ireland met in May in Slovenia. One week long event took them on a journey to contemplate on meaning of EU on their lives, they deepened their level of understanding of national and European identities and reflected the consequences of EU crises on their lives and their...
Music and Migration - Youth Exchange "Music on the Move"

Music and Migration – Youth Exchange “Music on the Move”

The »Music on the Move« youth exchange examined cultural versatility in a group of 36 young participants from Greece, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom, connecting them through cooperative musical creation. The exchange took place by river Kolpa in Bela krajina, between 22 August and 30 August 2016. Amongst the participants, there were also asylum seekers...
365 on Migrant Film Festival

365 on Migrant Film Festival

Film 365 was produced in the frame of international film project Voyages Through Forgotten Place. Young filmmakers from three countries: Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia met to produce 6 short documentary films on migration. Short summary: Manja is about to face her biggest adventure in her life. She is leaving Slovenia, her home, everyday routine, friends and...