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Trubarjeva Solidarity - Discovering the Street Through its People’s Eyes

Trubarjeva Solidarity – Discovering the Street Through its People’s Eyes

by Francesca Lori I first bumped into Trubarjeva street in the summer of 2017, as an Italian tourist visiting Ljubljana. I remember ending up on this street totally by chance, as many of the owners and small entrepreneurs of the street would say. And I remember I kept walking it back and forth, in a...
Unique Trubarjeva - Group Art Project

Unique Trubarjeva – Group Art Project

Within the APIS Institute, an artistic group project called Samosvoja Trubarjeva (Unique Trubarjeva) is underway, involving and intertwining various artistic practices: photography, typography, graphic design, architecture, and artistic text. Artists are interviewing creative mediums to document the life of a unique street of Ljubljana where local initiatives, family businesses, world cuisine, artistic, activistic initiatives, and multicultural social businesses...
Media Literacy in Action

Media Literacy in Action

The participants of international youth exchange Embrace the Reality with Media Literacy, lead by APIS Institute in November in Slovenia, have confirmed that such programs serve as a remarkable experiential space to learn. Along this line, young people presented newly acquired knowledge of media literacy at the closing event in the Library of Kranjska Gora....