In it’s fourth edition on the 22nd October Photo Marathon will also be taking place in Ljubljana. 500 Photographers set to take to the streets of 7 Cities. In Ljubljana APIS organizes Photo Marathon 2016. Join us to participate and apply now!

Registration is free but obligatory in order to participate. Visit APIS slovene site, Photo Marathon Ljubljana FB page and for more information. Also join our Photo Marathon FB event.

FRAME, L’Asilo, Sylabs, 15-38 Réseau Med, Enzima, Jordan Pioneers, and APIS Institute have partnered to organize the 2016 Photo Marathon, taking place in Beirut, Amman, Algiers, Marseille, Palermo, Naples, and Ljubljana. Spanning twelve hours on Saturday, October 22, photographers will take to the streets of their city to simultaneously document twelve themes related to the topics of migration and heritage.

Documentary photography and the art of observation are powerful tools for the advancement of free and open societies. Today more than ever, the Mediterranean Sea represents a precarious frontier between the North and the South. The diverse cultures that surround the sea are the focus of our collective documentary action. Up to 500 photographers will spend a day documenting how migration and heritage manifest themselves in their communities. Images produced over the 12 hour period will serve as a rich documentary resource. The archive enables the participants and audience to learn about, compare and contrast images from each of the seven cities, representing a virtual forum for cross-cultural dialogue produced through coordinated on-the-ground action. The archive will be made available on, the home of collective documentary photography.

The photos will be reviewed and rewarded by international jury. The jury includes leaders in photojournalism, publishing, and academia. We are honored to collaborate with such a diverse and accomplished group of individuals from across the region!

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FRAMEcoordinators, commented: “In documenting our cities and people and directing the gaze of large groups, we are able to connect communities through the universal language of photography – dissolving linguistic and geographic barriers. Ultimaian-chambers-pm2016-jury-member tely, we create a community driven, multi-purpose recording: a mirror held up to our present and an archive for the next generation. Together across seven cities, we seek to create new digital geographies in order to examine both the urban and cultural similarities and differences that surround our sea.”