In June APIS took part in a very special ERASMUS+ Contact Making Seminar in Northern Ireland, UK. LID+ organizers brought together 10 international Erasmus+ experts to work with and mentor 10 local youth organisations to explore ideas to develop an Erasmus+ project.

LID+ Seminar Participants (2)

The experts from Spain, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Croatia and Ireland shared our experience in ERASMUS+ EU funding, youth activities and the Youth in Action programme with the local organisations to help them develop their project ideas.

Each local partner developed working partnerships with various members of the international experts and will continue to work up their applications for the next application deadline in October 2017.

The outcomes were amazing and it’s fair to say LID+, the organizers developed a new highly efficient equation: local NGOs + youth workers with international experience in Erasmus+ + 48 hours = 8 high quality KA1 applications that respond to local community needs, offer a space for the exchange of good practice within european community and with added international value. This seminar opened a door and a new chapter of opportunities for local youth and local NGOs. Intense and highly positive experience for both ends, locals and internationals.
Please read more about the seminar hereunder or click HERE.