In November, we will start with Music production workshop series, applications are now open.

The workshops will be conducted by Ali R Taha. Ali has extensive experience in the fields of audio engineering, sounds design and audio production. Workshops will be held once a week through ZOOM, Wednesdays from 6pm to 8pm, however the introductory meeting will take place on Monday, November 16th.

Places must be booked in advance; however there is no attendance fee. Please read more about the programme and the conditions below. Click HERE to check the exact dates and to apply.


The introductory meeting will be taking place through ZOOM on Monday, 16.11. at 6 p.m.

The workshops will be conducted in English and will include the following modules:

  • Basic music theory (2 hours) (notes, intervals, triads, scales, rhythm)
  • DAW (digital audio workstation) (2 hours)
  • Basic Music Production Theory (Drums programming, virtual instruments, synth, recording)
  • Song arrangement (4 hours) (Sections, melody, harmony, musical and rhythmic flow)
  • Writing lyrics (2 hours) (Arrangement, lyrical flow)
  • Producing a song (4 hours)
  • Presentation of the results (2 hours)

The workshops are free, but participants are expected to attend all meetings and do homework when requested, as the purpose of the workshop is to create the end result. You can hear more about the workshops, their context and the mentor on the following link, (short presentation prepared by Radio Študent from 00:40 onwards):štarnica/svaštapis

The workshops are organized by the APIS Institute.



Curious how audio production knowledge is useful?