The »Music on the Move« youth exchange examined cultural versatility in a group of 36 young participants from Greece, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom, connecting them through cooperative musical creation. The exchange took place by river Kolpa in Bela krajina, between 22 August and 30 August 2016.

Amongst the participants, there were also asylum seekers who came to Slovenia from Iran and Afghanistan. Cultural versatility of our exchange was guaranteed. At the same time participants got a unique opportunity for creating and socialising with musicians from European and non-European countries.

Music is an extremely efficient medium for surmounting cultural differences and recognising the advantages of multicultural society. Presently, in a time of economic strain and exacerbated influx of migrants, European values such as pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and gender equality are facing a difficult challenge. This is why we complemented musical and performing content by adding content aimed at contributing to a more tolerant and inclusive society, and positive perception of migration and migrants. In our time together we focused on migration and vitality of intercultural dialogue, examined our own migrant roots and experiences with migrations and examined the relationship between migration and music.

PROJECT DURATION: 1.6. – 30.9. 2016

PROJECT PARTNERS: ADIS (Romania), AIM-Agenzia Intercultura e mobilità (Italy), The Inside Out Programme (United Kingdom), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Urbana mladež (Croatia), Zavod APIS (Slovenia)


Musical Programme Manager: Jaka Jarc,

Project Manager: Nataša

The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.