Multivizija is a training that combines different art expressions: photography, video, audio, dance and theatre. 50 participants who have experienced being different – because of a different culture, an experience of migration or sensory or physical disability – will be engaged in this creative process of workshops.

Workshops will be led by experienced mentors and artists and will take place from January 2019 till the end of the year; each module will last from 2 to 4 months.

In December, APIS Institute opens applications for different modules: photography, video production, audio production, dance with dance therapy and theatre with the theatre of oppressed. Each module is open for 10 participants. Participants choose one module and with participating in it, they will also be part of the final multimedia performance. All workshops will be in Ljubljana and are free of charge. You can apply HERE.

At the end of the whole training, participants will present their work in a multimedia theatre performance directed by theatre director Ivana Djilas.

More about the workshops

Participants will gain new knowledge from different art areas:

  • audio-visual production (photography with digital and mobile devices, video production with video editing (digital and mobile devices), recording sound and audio production),
  • dance with dance therapy and
  • theatre with the theatre of oppressed.

Modules are designed as an individual whole. Their results will be integrated into the final presentation – multimedia theatre performance, which will be public staged.

Participants will gain theoretical knowledge, but the main focus will be on the practical part of the workshops. In the frame of audiovisual workshops, they will be making photo and video products. Dance workshops will enable participants to discover different use of dance and therapeutic and dance techniques. Last but not least, theatre workshops will provide them with knowledge about theatre acting/performing, reveal a socially engaged approach to art and identify the effects of the theatre of the oppressed.

In a innovative way, the final multimedia theatre show will tackle differentness that opens questions of stigmatizations, criminalization and transformations, potentials of empowerment, mobilizations and proactivity.


More about the project

Project Multivizija is designed to strengthen the employability of vulnerable groups in the field of art and culture. New knowledge and competences in the field of audiovisual production, dance, and theatre gained through the project will contribute to increase the social inclusion of participants.

The training is designed and adapted for targeted participants who are invited to apply by web, by APIS Institute, responsible for the project Multivizija or by our partner organizations:

ODTIZ Institute, Rokavička Institute, Povod Institute, Association Ključ, Association Ritmi planeta, Association of disabled students of Slovenia and Muscular dystrophy association of Slovenia.

Short presentation of mentors

The photography module will be led by internationally respected photographers Luka Dakskobler and Manca Juvan.

Luka Dakskobler is a documentary photographer and photojournalist. He cooperated with many respected magazines and websites (LeFigaro, the Guardian, the Atlantic, the Times and many more), covering various topics (culture, entertainment) turning his focus to social issues, human rights and environmental issues. He has been a regular contributor to National Geographic Junior.

Manca Juvan exhibited in galleries around the world, from New York to Iran. She is publishing photos in Guardian, Marie Claire, the Times and many others. She is a professor at the photography department in SŠOF in Ljubljana.

The video workshops will be held by Romana Zajec who is working as a video artist and producer. She conducted many international video workshops recognized as a good practice on the European level and workshop’s products included in festivals in Slovenia and abroad.

Mentor of video montage is Ana Fratnik who worked many years in professional TV productions. In free time she is working also as video artist and photographer.

Audio production and sound design workshop will be conducted by Ali R. Taha. After his international study of audio production at SEA, he focuses on developing audio production educational programs in APIS Institute.

Dance workshops with dance therapy will be conducted by 2 experienced mentors: dance teacher and choreographer Iryna Stanković and Samar Zughool Križanič, dancer and actress with reached experiences in dance therapy and theatre of the oppressed. Samar Zughool Križanič will also be conducting the theatre of the oppressed workshop.

The multimedia theatre show will be directed by well recognized and many times awarded theatre director Ivana Djilas.

The aim of the project

The training of all modules together will include 50 participants from vulnerable groups. Under the supervision of mentors and advisors in each module, participants will personally grow and gain competences. Additional support will be given by assistants of mentors who also belong to vulnerable groups and will be able to approach participants more easily.

Beside participants, 20 multipliers will be trained to run the workshops in partner organizations to broaden the new knowledge.


For more information about the project, apply HERE.


Operation Multivizija: Multimedia, Theatre and Dance Training for Vulnerable Groups is co-funded by European Social Fund of the European Union and Republic of Slovenia. The project is carried out in the frame of Operating program of European cohesion policy ( in period 2014-2020, that was chosen on an open tender for selection of operations “for bigger social inclusion of vulnerable social groups in the field of culture in frame of European social fund in years 2018-2019 (JR-ESS-2018-2019-SOCIAL INCLUSION)”.


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