Within the APIS Institute, an artistic group project called Samosvoja Trubarjeva (Unique Trubarjeva) is underway, involving and intertwining various artistic practices: photography, typography, graphic design, architecture, and artistic text. Artists are interviewing creative mediums to document the life of a unique street of Ljubljana where local initiatives, family businesses, world cuisine, artistic, activistic initiatives, and multicultural social businesses coexist in a vibrant equilibrium with graffiti, various street art approaches, and lively squat area.


At the initiative of the freelance photographer and director of the APIS Institute, Manca Juvan, the project was joined by renowned and award-winning Slovenian architect Blaž Budja, graphic designer Sava Kosmač and writer Jeff Bickert.

Together, and each through their medium, they explore Ljubljana`s Trubarjeva Street; their purpose is to emphasize what is special, perhaps unique, and in the light of the current refurbishment, is worthwhile to “handle with care”.

The project, co-financed by the City of Ljubljana, will come to fruition at the end of 2019 in the form of a printed publication – an art book, spatial interventions on Trubarjeva Street and a website.






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