APIS Institute has partnered with FRAME, L’Asilo, Sylabs, 15-38 Réseau Med, Enzima, Jordan Pioneers to organize the 2016 Photo Marathon, taking place in Beirut, Amman, Algiers, Marseille, Palermo, Naples, and Ljubljana. Spanning twelve hours on Saturday, October 22, photographers will take to the streets of their city to simultaneously document twelve themes related to the topics of migration and heritage. You can find more information about the event on the webpage of the FRAME, an organization coordinating photo marathon. More information about Ljubljana event you can find on APIS webpage and FB event page.


Documentary photography and the art of observation are powerful tools for the advancement of free and open societies. Today more than ever, the Mediterranean Sea represents a precarious frontier between the North and the South. The diverse cultures that surround the sea are the focus of our collective documentary action. Up to 500 photographers will spend a day documenting how migration and heritage manifest themselves in their communities. Images produced over the 12 hour period will serve as a rich documentary resource. The archive enables the participants and audience to learn about, compare and contrast images from each of the seven cities, representing a virtual forum for cross-cultural dialogue produced through coordinated on-the-ground action. The archive will be made available on, the home of collective documentary photography.


FRAME coordinators, commented: “In documenting our cities and people and directing the gaze of large groups, we are able to connect communities through the universal language of photography – dissolving linguistic and geographic barriers. Ultimately, we create a community driven, multi-purpose recording: a mirror held up to our present and an archive for the next generation. Together across seven cities, we seek to create new digital geographies in order to examine both the urban and cultural similarities and differences that surround our sea.”



APIS Institute, the local Slovene organizer, joins the initiative because we believe creativity can build bridges between cultures. We encourage residents in it’s diversity to express different perspectives of the city they live in through photography. In order to show different faces, segments and experiences of the same city, APIS invites not only professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, but also the residents with different experiences of the common space they share. We are very glad also photographers on wheelchairs will be joining the photo marathon because their experience of the city is defined by different obstacles and perspectives than the rest. Also refugee photographers that live in the city will join us. In this way out attempt is to join the experiment that was initiated by FRAME Beirut: to use collective approach to photography as a tool of collective eye that tracks different experiences of the city we share.

We encourage participatory approach to photography in local environment and also use a collective photography action as a tool of intercultural dialogue. We wish to boost reflection and understanding curiosity over intercultural dialogue through creative methods. In this way we can paint a different picture of our own city and also of the european space we are also part o


Photo marathon in Slovenia is supported by Atrij ZRC, Public institute Mladi zmaji, Institute Kersnikova, Rampa LAB, Socialna akademija, SŠOF and Voluntariat.


Registration, schedule, and all event details can be found at:



A distinguished panel of jurors representing leading voices in photojournalism, publishing, and academia, will decide on the winning photographers from each city. Patrick Baz is a French-Lebanese photographer published in major foreign magazines such as TIME, Paris Match, Newsweek, Stern, Spiegel, L’Express, L’Espresso, and stands as current photo manager of Agence-France Presse’s MENA region; Bruno Hadijh is a documentary photographer born in Algeria who has worked with The New York Times, Stern, Le Monde and Geo; Fabienne Pavia is based in Marseille and is the creator of Le Bec en l’air publishing house that specializes in contemporary photography; Iain Chambers is currently a professor at Naples’ Oriental University and has been published on the topics of metropolitan and postcolonial cultures; Manca Juvan was awarded Photographer of the Year in Slovenia and her photographs have been featured in The Times, National Geographic, and the Guardian; Meta Kreseteaches photojournalism at the University of Ljubljana and has been a recipient of numerous prestigious photography awards; Francesco Bellina is an award-winning freelance photographer based in Palermo and 2016 nominee for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass; Zohrab is the personal photographer of his late majesty King Hussain for twenty-two years and is also known for his adventurous excursions up Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest; Linda Al Khoury has been teaching photography since 2005 and established Darat Al Tasweer in Jordan.




One photographer in each city whose images are chosen by a professional jury will be awarded publishing opportunities with notable publications as well as the chance to exhibit their photos in Marseille and Algiers. L’Oeil de la Photography (France), Agenda Culturel (Beirut), Cafe Babel (Palermo), and Il Gazzetino Vesuviano (Naples) will publish winning photos from the Photo Marathon, granting award winners valuable international exposure.


FRAME was founded in 2013 with the purpose of mobilizing communities to document the city of Beirut. Since then, the FRAME platform has gone global and currently features a fast-growing archive of over 5000 photos and 1600 users from across the Arab and Mediterranean region. Our events and digital platform promote collective documentary photography, which involves engaging on-ground and virtual events to channel the creation of photographic content by mobilizing large groups around focused issues and topics. Content, analysis, and stories are combined with crowd-sourced images in FRAME LIFE magazine, available for download here. Our mission is to inform, document, and publish using the power of the collective eye.




FRAME (Photo Marathon Coordinator):

Ali Sayed-Ali and Maroun Sfeir



APIS INSTITUTE (Ljubljana Organizer)

Contact Name: Romana Zajec



JORDAN PIONEERS (Amman Organizer)

Contact Name: Ghada Dahabreh



L’ASILO (Naples Organizer)

Contact Name: Luca Paolo Cirillo



SYLABS (Algiers Organizer)

Contact Name: Chloe Nejma Rondeleux



15-38 RÉSEAU MED (Marseille Organizer)

Contact Name: Coline Charbonnier



ENZIMA (Palermo Organizer)

Contact Name: Chiara Cascino