Six short documentaries on migration are a result within a project Voyages Through Forgotten Place. All of them had a premiere on Migrant Film Festival in Slovenia. Two of Apis founders participate in the project.

In this international documentary video workshop Romana Zajec  is a mentor and Ana Fratnik with Andrej Zavašnik participants.

This video documentary project on migration is a collaboration between NGOs: Voluntariat, Slovenia, Restart, Croatia and Crna kuča, Serbia. Institute APIS collabotares as a co-producer for two Slovenian films. Apart from the premiere screening in Ljubljana, documentaries will participate on film festivals in Croatia and Serbia. Institute APIS was a coproducer of two films produced by Slovenian teams: 365 and From Workers to Activists.

Romana Zajec, Institute APIS’ director and cofounder, is involved in the project as a menthor.

Ana Fratnik, also cofounder of Institute APIS, is involved in the project as a participant. Together with Andrej Zavašnik they made a documentary 365.