In a short video a graphic novel author interrupts Italian’s historic amnesia and apologizes to citizens of Slovenia. A fascist camp survivor remembers events happened seven decades ago as they are happening in the very moment.  Something would be missing  if a psychologist would’t have a say on war trauma. It becomes clear that internment is much more than a political legacy.

Italian winter (L’inverno d’Italia) is a graphic novel by Davide Toffolo, released in December 2011 by Coconino Press publishing house from Bologna. It evokes the internment of Slovene civilians in a concentration camp in Gonars (Italy). In doing so a comic artist made ​​visible part of the Italian history of World War II kept silent for decades. Experiences of ethnic cleansing, deportation and internment are told by children  who met and befriend in the camp.  Seven decades after the events last living testimonies can identify with the main comic characters. Herman Janež from Ljubljana (Slovenia) has its own memory. What does he remember?

In doing so a comic artist made ​​visible part of the Italian history of WW2 kept silent for decades. Hiden was the pain of memories survivors were and are living with.

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Italian subtitles available. English subtitles coming soon.