Invitation to female migrant and Roma participants for a PHOTO/VIDEO/MULTIMEDIA WORKSHOPS. Free of charge! Apply till 10th August 2015!

We are looking for participants for a PHOTO/VIDEO/MULTIMEDIA WORKSHOPS. The workshop is designed for migrant and Roma women and is FREE OF CHARGE! Equipment will be available, no experience is required. It will take place in September and October in Ljubljana. We will be able to work in several languages. Welcome!!!

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or call Romana to give you more information: 031 338 616

The training will be implemented in the frame of the project FRAMING EQUALITY, co-financed by Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

The intense training course will be implemented by Manca Juvan (documentary photography), Romana Zajec (video and multimedia) with the expert support by Mirjam Hladnik Milharčič, PhD and administration&organization support by Nataša Kotar.

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Training will be divided into three segments: Gender Equality Workshops, where the participants will address gender equality and other related issues which are affecting women inequality. This will be the strong theoretical base for story ideas for the photojournalism and video workshops part of the training. The “gender equality” workshops  will be led by dr. Miriam Hladnik Milharčič, who has extensive experience in gender equality and migration issues. She is skilled in delivering knowledge and theory in an interesting, understandable way that can be easily applied to the life experience of the participants.

The Photojournalism/Photography Workshops will be led by internationally renowned photographer Manca Juvan and the Video Workshops by experienced instructor Romana Zajec, who specializes in socially engaged video production.

Second focus of our training will be giving voice (via new skills and using social networks as a media space with ever wider reach) to the population that is unrepresented in traditional media. We will also equip participants with basic journalistic skills and therefore contribute to their media literacy.


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