From the 21. to the 29. of July, APIS Institute organized a training course “Facing the street – Digital stories in youth work with vulnerable groups” taking place in Ljubljana. The training course for youth workers was realized in the frame of Erasmus + Youth in Action programme. APIS designed a training course for youth workers with the focus on socially engaged use of photography and video.

The project was recognized as a good practice example by Erasmus+ National Agency.


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During the training course, the participants from 8 countries have captured the stories of successfully overcoming challenges of marginalized young people. They were searching for stories to capture in photography and video in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj and other places in Slovenia. They have focused on the social inclusion challenges of refugees, homeless people, former prisoners, drug addicts, delinquents, people with disabilities and have also met same-generation youngsters that have faced violence. 11 photo series and 4 shorts films have been created.

The exhibition was opened for public from the 27th of July till the 27th of August 2016 in ZRC Atrium.


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The twenty-nine participants of this training course (youth workers, mentors, educators, social workers working with youth) came from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia. Life stories of young people facing social inclusion challenges have touched them deeply. This is reflected in their photo-stories as well as in short films.

Project coordinator and partners map

The project was coordinated by Ivana Stanojev, APIS Eramus+ coordinator and former participant in programs of APIS Institute. The program was designed by Romana Zajec. Mentor of photography workshops was Luka Dakskobler, video workshop mentors were Romana Zajec, Yuliya Molina. Borut Dolenec was mentor for video editing.


Below you can find some of the photo and video stories created by youth workers during the training course.

44 STEPS: A photo story by Emanuelle Donazza

” It is the second time I am attending an APIS institute workshop. My first time was in Belgrade. I have stayed in contact with the boy I photographed. He has autism, I don’t speak Serbian, neither does he English, but we communicate with gestures. It was an impressive experience for both, I do not find other words. I have presented this experience from Belgrade to the participants in Ljubljana’s workshop. My participation in the workshop is complemented by my photographic work, I meet new and different people, I get used to different languages… Besides, we do more when we work together. In my opinion, we need structured and stable modifications to accept different and disadvantaged groups of people. These are complex storied, situations, problems and questions. First and foremost, it’s about people, co-living and understanding.”

Emanuele Donazza, photographer and youth worker from Italy, attendant of workshop #facingthestreet

The exhibition and project results have also special value for young people whose stories are presented:

»I was born with a fatal alcoholic syndrom, because my, now deceased, mother was drinking.  I am strongly against drinking when carrying a child. I do not know how much alcohol is needed to damage a foetus, there is no accurate data. However, it has a damaging impact on everything: heart, bones, motor function, speach, walking… The fact is that without professional, health and therapeutical help of my adopting parents, I would not have been able to do what I do: I go to work, practice sports, clean and cook by myself. I had to learn all the fundamental and, for the majority of people, self-evident skills and capacities. The workshop participants have photographed and filmed me. Awareness is very important that is why I accept every opportunity or offered cooperation with open arms. I wish that people would talk more about the catastrophic consequences of alcoholism in general, but especially during pregnancy. That is why I share my story as much as I can. “

Anže Muha Krautberger, coworker on the Facing the Street project about which the attendant Emanuele Donnaza has created a photo story. #facingthestreet

On the basis of our cooperation with Anže, his story was also published by the newspaper Dnevnik.

You can check the short films that have been created during the workshop on our APIS Institue Youtube channel. More stories to be found on our FB page or in the bottom of this article.

The project was conducted by APIS institute in cooperation with international partners:
Baltic Regional fund (Latvia), Buinho Wellbeing Lab (Portugal), AMSED – ASSOCIATION MIGRATION SOLIDARITE ET ECHANGE POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT (France), MTÜ Edela Eesti Arenduskeskus
(Estonia), Associazione Arcus (Italy), CESIE (Italy), KOINONIKI ANAPTYKSI NEON / K.A.NE. / SOCIAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT (Greece), Galicia connection (Spain), EFP / ELLINIKO FORUM PROSFYGON / Greek Forum of Refugees (Greece)

The project is co-funded by the European Commission in the frame of Erasmus + programme. The project is also supported by ZRC SAZU and Nikon Slovenia.

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More information:
Romana Zajec

exhibition in ZRC Atrium_photo by Luka Dakskobler

exhibition in ZRC Atrium_photo by Luka Dakskobler




ONE WORD A DAY: A photo story by Paula Romero Garzia 

“WRONG STOP?” A photo story by Nuno Silva

“LOOSE YOURSELF” – A photo story by Konstantinos Chatzis in collaboration with Christos Tsiouris


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