“We’re not just telling stories of people in various hardships of inclusion or exclusion from society. We’re creating new ones, too. We’re bringing our subjects back to light, including them, making them visible again, making them matter, to us and to the society. As we photograph the chapters in their usual day, our visit is in fact a new chapter that will not be recorded or documented, but it will leave a significant fingerprint on their lives. By being true to them, being their friends who understand them sincerely, not for the sake of the story, and by developing a true and lasting relationship, we are giving them something that seems self-evident to us, but in their lives, it is rare. Somewhere to belong. A friend. Acknowledgement of their lives.”

This is a beautiful reflection of a training Facing the Street we implemented in July in Ljubljana. Luka Dakskobler was a mentor for photography course. Hereunder we share his blogpost well worth reading … and seeing the amazing results the participants created.

Visit Luka’s blog: https://lukadakskobler.wordpress.com