Fighting for what one believes in requires difficult choices. It can also take unimaginable courage to face life-changing consequences. Hakim Asnabla from Marocco grew up believing in freedom, democracy and equality. Because of these beliefs he joined a student movement struggling for free education. Because of his involvement he was taken to jail twice and his civil rights were taken away from him. He found his new life in Slovenia.

Hakim Asnabla by Viviana Corvaia

Short film, produced during APIS training course on digital storytelling, will be screened across Slovenia in the scope of Festival of Migrant Film. Here are the dates and locations of the screenings:
METLIKA, 16. June 2017, 15.00 Hiša Sadeži družbe Metlika

ČRNOMELJ, 16. June 2017 , 18.00 Hiša Sadeži družbe Črnomelj

LJUBLJANA, 17. June ob 21.15 (Kinodvor, Mala dvorana)

LJUTOMER, 19.June 2017, 17.00 Večgeneracijski center Pomurja – enota Ljutomer

ŽALEC, 20. June 2017, 18.00 Hiša Sadeži družbe Žalec

MURSKA SOBOTA, 22. June 2017, 18.00 Hiša Sadeži družbe Murska Sobota

Festival of Migrant film takes place each year in Slovenia to highlight the importance of the World Refugee Day.

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country, year   
Slovenia, 2016

short documentary

running time

directed by
Viviana Corvaia, Laura Pasini, Dārta Vijgrieze




about the authors

Authors Viviana Corvaia, Laura Pasini, Dārta Vijgrieze are youth-workers, two of whom, Viviana and Dārta, are also photographers. They are based in Italy and Latvia but made a film about Hakim while in Slovenia participating in the ERASMUS+ training for trainers led by APIS. This is their first documentary and it was produced in the frame of the project Facing the Street: Digital Storytelling in Youth Work with Vulnerable groups.

authors with Hakim

Authors Viviana Corvaia, Laura Pasini, Dārta Vijgrieze are engaged in youth work in Facing the Street project’s partner organizations CESIE and ARCUS from Italy and Baltik Regional Fund / Baltijas Regionalais fonds from Riga, Latvia.
Production: APIS Institute. Project was co-funded under Erasmus + YIA Programme with the support of  MOVIT, Slovene National Agency, coordinated by APIS Institute.