The exhibition VOZim addresses the theme of accessibility telling about the lives of physically disabled people on wheelchairs. The photographer Teja Pahor created a photo series about the challenges which are daily faced by wheelchair users. Stairs, rain, snow, architectural barriers, trains, and buses are just pieces in the mosaic of our common reality, which are perceived differently by people with a physical disability. The exhibition deploys photography as a medium for promoting the understanding of diversity.

You are invited to the opening of the exhibition, which will take place on Monday, the 29th of April 2019, at 7.30 pm at the Bežigrad Youth Center (Četrtni Mladinski Center) in Vojkova, 73, Ljubljana.


The photographer also invited to collaboration “the people on the wheels”, as disabled people on wheelchairs call themselves. Through this photographic work, disabled people reflected upon everyday aspects,  that represent an additional challenge for them.

What do everyday things, such as bad weather, the impossibility to enter a shop, independence, equality, relationships, mean to them… and, not least in importance, what do they experience when they see that someone pities them?


The series of the photographer Teja Pahor unveiling the hidden reality of life “on the wheels” is complemented by the photographs of Jerneja Kobl, Urša Tonejec, Katrin Modic and Romana Šteblaj, participants in the photography workshop.


The exhibition was created within the framework of Apis Institute in cooperation with the public institute Mladi Zmaji and Zavod ODTIZ. The exhibition will be held on the occasion of the European Youth Week 2019. It will be open until May, the 31st.


The series was produced by Apis Institute, which co-organized the exhibition in collaboration with the youth center Mladi Zmaji and Zavod ODTIZ.


The creation of the photo exhibition was co-funded by the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition also obtained the support within the framework of the European Youth Week, being co-funded by MOVIT, the program Key to Inclusion, the Ministry of Education Science and Sport and the programs Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.


The author thanks Mija Pungeršič (Zavod ODTIZ) and Urša Tonejec, who also took part in the series as photo models, for the support.

Thanks also to all the remaining collaborators: Adian Pajazetović, Aljoša Škaper, Besim Pepaj, Janez Moder, Katja Jezeršek, Miranda Škaper and Neva Danaja Pirc.

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