Youth from the Slovene capital  Neighborhood Youth Centers of Črnuče and Zalog welcomed and enjoyed aromatherapy workshops Institute APIS offered. In alignment with do-it-yoursel philosophy they  created their own perfume, massage oil, washing detergent …

The aim of the project was to educate youngsters about the use of essential oils and how to apply this knowledge in everyday life. Do-it-yourself was the leading principle for the practical part of the workshop.

From April till June 2013, Institute APIS has been carrying out a series of aromatherapy workshops, mentored by acclaimed aromatherapist Nina Medved, a founder of Magnolija.

Workshops were divided in five different segments :

  • natural cosmetic ( massage oil, creme, deodorant,…)
  • environmental friendly cleaners and home fragrances
  • preventing teenage issues (acne, menstrual cramps,..) with the power of essential oils
  • natural perfume
  • essential oils and herbs in culinary purposes

Feedback was amazing. It was a pleasure to watch girls and boys enthusiastically listening to Nina’s teachings and it seemed like they really craved for that kind of non-conventional education. They were filled with joy and pride when they have completed their tasks. Being able to  use the new gained knowledge in making their own perfume, massage oil, new recipes and even a washing powder for their mothers was overwhelming.

Our aromatherapy workshops were well visited by youngsters and we are looking forward to the next!