On October 14, 2017, 161 participants across five cities took to the streets to document 12 themes in 12 hours. Through a collaboration including on the ground organizers representing community associations in each city, we gathered 1858 photos capturing one day across the Mediterranean region.

Participants were challenged to photograph the following themes: diversity, breaking bread, hardship, hope, meeting point, the future, the mindful, the past, the protector, the proud, timeless, and traditional architecture. Through these themes and the simultaneous nature of the Photo Marathon action, we aimed to uncover and unlock our cities through a diverse set of eyes and lenses, each with their unique perspective.

A unique portrayal of life across the Mediterranean, we hope that the raw and mixed presentation of the archive, portraying everyday life, places, and faces, uncovers both the common threads that bind and the contrasting cultures and experiences that enrich our region and contribute to defining a Mediterranean identity.

The jury members looked for strong theme interpretation and for collections that communicate a story on behalf of their city.

Participants who submitted a complete set of 12 photographs qualified for the jury selection process. Jury members selected each finalist based on their complete set and four categories were considered in the selection: documentary value and interpretation of theme, overall impression, creativity, and technical quality.

A selection of winning images from all cities will be exhibited at ZRC Atrium in Ljubljana in early 2018 and published in Agenda Culturel. Other city-specific awards include a portfolio review and coaching session with a founding member of the Beirut Center of Photography (Beirut), publication in Mediterranean edition of Marie Claire magazine (Marseille), trip to Toscana courtesy of Digital Kamera, photo print vouchers from Foto Grad, and a photography workshop with Palladio Agency (Ljubjana), workshop at Darat al Tasweer (Amman), a one week tour of the Aures region of Algeria courtesy of Timgad Voyages (Batna).


Participants from Beirut and Ljubljana are qualified for an opportunity to apply for a photographer exchange and residency. The residency provides an opportunity for two participants, one from Beirut and one from Ljubljana, to exchange places for two to three weeks to pursue a documentary photography project and act as ambassadors for intercultural dialogue. Applications will be open soon. Click here for more info!


The 2017 Photo Marathon Winners

Majd Manaa / Amman

Meeting point

Madjid Hamadouche / Batna


Myriam Boulos / Beirut


Krix Berbarian / Ljubljana

The future

Julia Gazzoti / Marseille


Jury Members